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C# .NET Community Projects - WPF Form Applications

A collection of C# .NET WPF apps with source codes from local programmers. Sources are not verified as in the courses and their quality may vary.

Minecraft 2D Editor
Unrated Published: 2013
Memory (Pexeso) game in C# WPF
Unrated Published: 2017
ASCII Art Generator in WPF
Unrated Published: 2018
Shapes in C# .NET WPF
Unrated Published: 2018
Mandelbrot in C# WPF, with Zooming and Image Saving
Chess in WPF
Published: 2016
Maze Generator in C# .NET
Unrated Published: 2014
Mine Sweeper in C# .NET WPF
Cursor highlighter
Unrated Published: 2016
Tetris in C# .NET WPF
Unrated Published: 2013