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Lesson 17 - Working With MS Excel Documents Using OpenXML SDK in C# .NET New

In the previous lesson, Working with MS Word Documents using Open XML SDK in C# .NET, we introduced the Open XML SDK library and finished working with .docx files.

In today's C# .NET tutorial, we'll introduce the xlsx format and start working on a simple database that stores information about cities that the user enters.

The xlsx Format

Xlsx is a format used by the MS Excel spreadsheet processor from the popular MS Office. It allows you to store data in tables that consist of rows and columns. These contain cells with data or formulas that work with data. This format is defined by the Office OpenXML specification.


Like a docx file, an xlsx file is basically a ZIP with XML files inside. Here, XML is called SpredsheetML. Microsoft calls an xlsx file a workbook. Each workbook then consists of worksheets (or only sheets) in which data is stored in cells.

Let's try to create a document in MS Excel, then change the extension from .xlsx to .zip and extract it to see how the data is stored in the file. Let's create this simple table:

In the newly created folder, among others, there is the xl\ folder. In this folder we'll be interested in


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In the C# .NET tutorial, we'll learn to work with MS Excel files using the OpenXML SDK library, which we'll use for a small city database.

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