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Discussion: What Can You Watch on Peacock?

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charles hensen hensen:7. April 15:32

Peacock adds new shows and movies every month. To find out if a movie or show is free to watch, check the top left corner of the thumbnail. If you see a white feather surrounded by purple, it means you need a premium plan to watch.


If you don’t see this icon, it means the movie or show is free, or at least has some free episodes — in some cases, the first episode will be free, but the rest will be premium. Here are a handful of titles at the time of writing:

Downton Abbey (premium)
The Office (premium)
Yellowstone (premium)
Mr. Mercedes (premium)
New Amsterdam (premium)
Love Island (premium)
The Vampire Diaries (premium)
Saturday Night Live (premium)
The Harry Potter movies (premium)
The Godfather movies (premium)
The Dick Van Dyke Show (free)
Train To Busan (free)
We Need To Talk About Kevin (free)
Minions (free)
Grimm’s Snow White (free)
Final Thoughts
Though Peacock free content is easy to access from outside the U.S., it’s a little harder to get premium content without a U.S. payment method. Fortunately, you can get a U.S. virtual prepaid card and a reliable VPN to work around Peacock TV’s geo-restrictions and access premium movies and shows.


Love watching live sports shows or music awards? We have written guides on how to watch MTV Music Awards and how to watch the Rugby World Cup.

Have you recently invested in a Peacock premium subscription? Are you happy with the free content on offer? Let us know in the comments and, as always, thanks for reading!

7. April 15:32
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