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Discussion: Use Ganthoda - Improves Digestion | United Spicefruit

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marksmith19985:24. January 5:24

In line with Ayurveda ganthoda treats respiratory conditions and improves digestion. A traditional treatment for the common cold involves brewing tea or milk with ganthoda powder. Consuming ginger, jagerry, and Ganthoda (Pipramul) powder on a daily basis boosts immunity. Do you recall the pure flavor and scent of recently ground spices from your grandmother's cooking? By using "Cryogenic Grinding Technology," which maintains natural ingredients like volatile oils, etheric oils, and oleoresins that give spices their delectable flavor and taste, Satvam brings it back. Why don't you give our selection of spices and spice blends a try? They still have that amazing scent that you have been missing.

24. January 5:24
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