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Discussion: Tile Removal Question

vepacar:30. January 17:34

Hey everyone,

I'm currently tackling a tile removal project in my home and could use some advice. I've been working on removing ceramic tiles from my bathroom floor, and it's proving to be quite a challenge. I've tried various methods like using a chisel and hammer, but the tiles seem stubbornly adhered. I'm worried about damaging the subfloor in the process. Does anyone have experience with tile removal orlando? Are there any specific tools or techniques you would recommend for efficient and safe tile removal? Any tips or insights would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

30. January 17:34
Nathaniel Lott:31. January 10:37

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31. January 10:37
Nathaniel Lott:12. February 9:28

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12. February 9:28
Nathaniel Lott:14. February 14:40

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14. February 14:40
Nathaniel Lott:19. February 15:48

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19. February 15:48
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