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Discussion: Seeking Advice on Facetime Filter Usage

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mowej:26. February 21:53

Hey everyone,

I've recently started using Facetime more frequently to stay connected with friends and family, and I'm curious about something. I've noticed that there are various filters available during Facetime calls, similar to those on other social media platforms. While they can be fun to use, I'm wondering about the etiquette around using them during calls. Do you have any thoughts or experiences with this? Do you find them distracting or enjoyable? I'd love to hear your perspectives and any advice on when it's appropriate to use them during calls. Thanks in advance for sharing your insights!

26. February 21:53
vepacar:26. February 21:54

Hello. Facetime filter can add a fun element to calls, but it's essential to consider the context and the preferences of the person you're talking to. Some people might find them distracting, especially during serious or important conversations, while others might enjoy the lightheartedness they bring. I think it's best to gauge the mood of the conversation and the person you're talking to before using filters. If you're catching up with friends and everyone's in a playful mood, go for it!

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26. February 21:54
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