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Discussion: Process of Discord Text Formatting Styles

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Allinsider:12/22/2022 1:48

Looking for an interesting way to spice up your text chats? This is the right place for you! By using Markdown, a simple plain text format, you can make your sentences stand out in Discord. Let me show you how! Just add a few characters before and after your text to change it! The following are some examples...

  1. Bold(Text)
  2. Italic(Text)
  3. Underline(_Text_)
  4. Strikethrough(~~Tex­t~~)
  5. Bold Italic(Text)

For more read -…-formatting/

12/22/2022 1:48
vediheweizixu:8/5/2023 8:19

Italic: Adding Emphasis
Use single asterisks or underscores around text to make it appear in italic. For example, italic or _italic_ becomes italic.

Bold: Making a Statement
Encase text in double asterisks or underscores to make it bold. For instance, bold or __bold__ transforms into bold.

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8/5/2023 8:19
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