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Discussion: Nutmeg Spice - Enhance Your Flavor | United Spicefruit

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marksmith19985:16. February 23:19

Nutmeg spice is derived from an evergreen tree that is indigenous to the Spice Islands, which are located close to Indonesia. However, it has been grown all over the tropics by both indigenous societies and cultures from other countries. A zeal for nutmeg was produced by the English, Dutch, Chinese, Indians, and pretty much anybody else who came into touch with it. Not only did local civilizations discover uses for them in culinary and medicine, but they also found that nutmeg caused a fervor for them.

The nut that comes from the Myristica fragrans tree is known as nutmeg. It is common practice to candify or preserve the fruit that surrounds the nut, or to juice the fruit and then make it into a "nutmeg" syrup. The spice that we refer to as mace is the aril that surrounds the nutmeg. Nutmeg, on the other hand, is the most important produce.

16. February 23:19
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