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Discussion: Key Takeaways: How to Use Bing Chat in 2024

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charles hensen hensen:7. April 14:32

Bing Chat can only be accessed through the Microsoft Edge web browser. However, you don’t need to have a Microsoft account to use it.
To use Bing Chat, open “bing new” in your Edge browser and click on “chat now.”
To use Bing Image Creator, go to “” in your browser — which doesn’t have to be Microsoft Edge — and enter a prompt to generate an image.
The new Bing Chat is arguably the best artificial intelligence chatbot currently available. It’s also completely free, and has access to all the information on the internet. It can generate images, graphs, charts and 3D visuals. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use Bing Chat in Edge.

The launch of ChatGPT back in 2022 began the wave of AI powered chatbots that have changed the way we search the internet. While ChatGPT may be an impressive pioneer, it still has its limitations. Its round-the-clock availability, access to up-to-date information and higher-quality responses are available only on ChatGPT Plus, at a price of $20 per month. Also, ChatGPT is incapable of generating images.

Bing Chat makes its full power available for free, which gives it an edge over ChatGPT and other popular AI powered chatbots. It’s also the first and only AI chatbot to be integrated with a web browser, Microsoft Edge. This guide will show you how best to use Bing Chat.

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Bing Chat vs Microsoft Edge
Microsoft’s Edge browser is a cross-platform internet browser created by Microsoft that comes installed by default on Windows 11. It runs on the same engine as Google Chrome, which ensures consistent performance and speed. It’s also tightly integrated with Microsoft services, such as Microsoft 365, OneDrive and Outlook.

Bing Chat is an AI-powered chatbot that can be accessed through Microsoft Bing, Microsoft’s search engine tool. For now, using a Microsoft Edge browser is the only way to access Bing Chat.

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Final Thoughts
Until recently, Bing didn’t have as much appeal as its competitor Google. That has changed with the release of its new version, which comes with Bing Chat and Bing Image Creator.

Bing Chat is available for free and has a wide range of applications, including content creation, information retrieval and task automation. This makes it a solid addition to your productivity toolkit. Bing Image Creator is also a great tool for your projects that require images. We hope this guide has given you everything you need to get started with these tools.

7. April 14:32
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