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Discussion: issue with WhatsApp calls

Lucasna:7/27/2023 2:27

I'm encountering an issue with WhatsApp calls, and I'm hoping someone can assist me. Lately, whenever I try to make a call on WhatsApp, the connection is consistently poor, and the call quality is extremely low. It's challenging to have a proper conversation as the audio keeps cutting in and out.

I have a stable internet connection and have tested other app gb whatsapp without any problems. This issue seems to be specific to WhatsApp calls only.

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem with WhatsApp calls? If yes, were you able to find a solution? I'm not sure if it's a settings problem or something else causing this. I've already tried restarting my phone and reinstalling WhatsApp, but it didn't improve the call quality.

If you have any tips or suggestions on how to fix this issue, please share them with me.

7/27/2023 2:27
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