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Discussion: Issue with ASCII codes

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jmillberry:11/11/2016 14:08

I thought I understood ASCII codes from the lesson, but I don't get why casting a string to an int gives its ASCII value...

int i = (int)c;
i += shift;
// overflow control
if (i > (int)'z')
        i -= 26;
char character = (char)i;
message += character;

I know, noob alert, but can someone please tell me why that is?

11/11/2016 14:08
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Luboš 'Satik' Běhounek:11/11/2016 15:56

When you cast char to int, you get the ascii value of the char, because all chars are in memory stored as corresponding number value.

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11/11/2016 15:56
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Prince Vivek Ozovehe:5/24/2017 13:23

If u cast char in to into,u will get ASCII BC all the memory is been stored corresponding number value or digit

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5/24/2017 13:23
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