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Discussion: Is Node js good for eCommerce?

hellon wood
hellon wood:9/14/2022 9:59

We need a straightforward storage solution that allows us to tally up the things in the shopping basket to generate a shopping cart. The express-session package, middleware for ExpressJS, is made available to us thanks to Node.js.

The session data for this package is stored in memory by default; however, doing so in a production setting is not advised. To solve this issue, we will need to use particular session storage. In our particular scenario, we will use connect-MongoDB-session, a store system that saves session data by utilizing MongoDB.

If you want to store data, all you have to do is add attributes to the session object that Express provides for you along with each request object. Session configuration One of the options that should be mentioned here is the capability to erase session data using the delete operator found in the unset option. This is an important feature.

The session middleware produces a one-of-a-kind identifier, which is then saved in the session. Session variable. By eliminating session fixation and session hijacking, which might compromise the overall security of our implementation, this token can be utilized to strengthen its defenses further.

9/14/2022 9:59
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