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Discussion: Is it safe to buy used mobile phones on eBay?

Johabs:5. February 9:12

Yes it is. I’ve bought iPhones, Samsungs & Google Pixels on eBay and they've all worked great. BUT, be smart about who you buy from.

The most important thing is to make sure the seller has a good rating. You never wanna buy a phone from a seller that has a rating below 96%; and if the seller has a rating above 98% it's usually a good sign that the seller is trustworthy.

Also read the product descriptions thoroughly to make sure the phone is actually in working condition. You wanna make sure that the phone's software/os is unlocked. You also wanna make sure the phone's screen doesn't have any cracks, dead pixels or image burn.

5. February 9:12
Wiliams:6. February 9:03

Yes, it’s definitely not easy to choose a phone in perfect condition when it comes second hand, but it’s definitely safe, since you can find a site that has a second hand phone, choose the model you need, look at the reviews and just make a purchase without anything Taking a risk, you can also watch it live and then pay if there is such a need, I look forward to your response.

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6. February 9:03
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