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Discussion: How to Play Against Hard Hitting BANGERS

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ArthurWilliams:9/7/2023 9:23

In Daily Pickleballs, you'll inevitably encounter players with massive power games who aggressively bang hard drives - aptly called "bangers." 

Their sheer pace and depth can overwhelm opponents, leading to quick victories. However, bangers have weaknesses you can exploit once you understand some key counter-tactics. 

Let's examine smart strategies for facing pickleball's biggest hitters.

Play Defense First

The first priority against banger play is self-preservation through defense. If you attempt to out-bang superior power players, you'll lose. 

Accept that they'll hit forceful shots you often can't return. So focus first on keeping the ball in play. 

Maintain ready position with weight forward, knees bent, and paddle up. Move quickly to intercept shots, but don't overswing. 

Block returns strategically to spots that limit their options. Bide your time probing for openings while avoiding errors.

Let Long Shots Fly By

Many bangers routinely hit balls that land way long. Don't fall for their power baits. If a drive clearly sails beyond the baseline, let it fly by. 

Attempting low-percentage returns only fuels their game. Hold ready position but stay put on obvious overhits. 

This conserves energy, avoids unforced errors, and may frustrate them into imprudence. Choose smart battles. You want them over-swinging, not resetting with touch shots.

Move Them Laterally

Bangers thrive hitting straight down the middle where their raw power shines. 

Take that preferred trajectory away by directing balls to the outer edges of their reach zone. 

When they have to move laterally to track down shots, bangers lose pace and control. 

They also open up down-the-line targets when drawn side-to-side. Smart shot placement is your main countermeasure. 

Move them east-west to disrupt north-south bang shots.

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Keep It Low

High floating returns are candy for power players, inviting mid-air attacks. Take away that advantage by keeping returns low over the net. 

Low trajectories force bangers into hitting up on balls, reducing their customary pace. 

Low returns also allow the ball to skid through the court, rushing opponents on the bounce. 

And when they do attack, low shots often pop up for put-away opportunities. Going low neutralizes banger height.

Attack Their Movement

When bangers charge forward seeking short balls, they become vulnerable. Their quick forward movement reduces stability, often leading to mishits and openings. 

Bait their advances by tossing up short sitters. Then knife a sharp return to the space they vacated. 

Timed right, this tactic results in easy put aways. Alternatively, you can just wait out their rushed errors. Make bangers beat you moving forward, not planted.

Target Their Weakness

Most bangers have either a much weaker forehand or backhand. Through observation, identify which wing leaks. 

Then pepper it relentlessly. Their power vanishes on noisy swing sides. Even if they possess rockets on both wings, one is usually better. 

Constant pressure on the weaker side racks up mistakes. Don't alternate evenly - just keep feeding their bull's-eye.

Reset Them Deep

When pulled wide or forced off-balance, bangers lose stability in their legs and core, undermining their raw power. 

Spring constant low reset shots on either side to keep them moving and prevent them from resetting rallies. 

Don't allow lazy lobs either - force bangers to play long points. Eventually their maximize pace wavers. Depth taxation exhausted even the strongest legs and arms over time.

Flip The Script

Once you've established defense and probed weaknesses, it's time to flip the script and abruptly change tactics. 

Surprise bangers with unexpected power drives, lobs, drops, dinks and resets of your own. Vary spins too. 

This sudden offense interrupts the rhythm they want to impose. Don't do it all the time - just mix in your own controlled aggression when their guard is down. Disrupt the disruptors.

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Remain Steady

While integrating these countermeasures, stay composed. Don't let the pace or power distract you. 

Maintain faith in your tactics. Remember, bangers want to impose their game which relies on forcing errors. 

Have patience knowing any opponent missing that much will eventually break. Wait them out. Steady application of diversity and discipline breaks big bangers.

Facing extreme power threats head-on is usually futile. The most effective plan uses defense, movement, depth, and disruption to progressively undermine their strengths. 

Integrating these tactics steadfastly puts the odds back in your favor. Containing their weapon, safely counter-punching, and selectively attacking checkmates even the most threatening banger's game. 

Try these strategies and let the bangers beat themselves.

9/7/2023 9:23
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