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Discussion: How to Install Vudu on Different Devices

charles hensen hensen:11/23/2023 13:09

The Vudu app is available on the Roku Channel Store, Amazon App Store, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Microsoft Store, LG Content Store, Samsung Smart Hub, and more. Based on the device you use, install the Vudu app from the respective app store.

#1. Go to the Roku home screen and choose Streaming Channels.

#2. Under Streaming Channels, choose Search Channels.

#3. Type on the search bar.

#4. Select Add Channel to install the Vudu app on your Roku.

Fire TV
#1. On the home page, select the Find icon and go to the Search bar.

#2. Type Vudu in the search box.

#3. Click the Vudu app from the search results.

#4. Hit the Get button to download the Vudu app on Firestick.

Apple TV
#1. Launch App Store on your Apple TV.

#2. On the top of the screen, you’ll see six navigation options. Go to Search and type Vudu.

#3. Select the Vudu app.

#4. Click Get to install the VUDU app on Apple TV.

Android TV
#1. Go to the home screen on your Android TV and tap Apps.

#2. Launch the Google Play Store app.

#3. Search for the Vudu app.

#4. Select the Vudu app and tap the Install button.

#5. Open the Vudu app to get the activation code.

Samsung Smart TV
#1. Turn On your Samsung Smart TV and press the Smart Hub button on the remote.

#2. Head to the Apps section or click the Search icon.

#3. Type Vudu on the search bar.

#4. Choose the Vudu app.

#5. Select the Install button to download the VUDU app on your Samsung TV.

Vizio Smart TV
#1. Press the V button to open the Vizio Apps Store.

#2. Scroll down to the Vudu app from the list.

#3. Select the Vudu app to launch it on your Vizio TV.

LG Smart TV
#1. Press the home button and launch LG Content Store.

#2. Select the Apps category and choose Vudu from the list of apps.

#3. Click the Download icon to add the app to LG TV.

Xbox One
#1. Go to the Microsoft Store tile on the home screen.

#2. Search for the start code app on the Store.

#3. Select the Vudu app from the search results.

#4. Tap Get it Free to download the app on Xbox One.

#1. Turn On your PlayStation console.

#2. Launch the PlayStation Store.

#3. Click on the Search icon and type Vudu in the search box.

#4. Choose Vudu from the search suggestions and click the Download icon to install the app.

11/23/2023 13:09
Adward jely
Adward jely:2. January 4:50

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the process of installing Vudu on different devices may vary. Vudu is a digital video service that allows users to rent or purchase movies and TV shows 뉴토끼.

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2. January 4:50
Koana Kain
Koana Kain:13. February 23:16

Vudu is a renowned streaming service offering a diverse selection of movies, TV shows, and webtoons, akin to platforms like Below are the professional guidelines for installing Vudu across various devices:

Smartphones and Tablets (iOS and Android):

Access the respective App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) on your device.
Utilize the search function to find "Vudu."
Locate the Vudu application in the search results and proceed to select it.
Download and install the app by tapping the "Install" or "Get" option.
Upon installation completion, launch the Vudu app and either sign in or create an account to initiate streaming.
Smart TVs (Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sony, etc.):

Power on your smart TV and navigate to the designated app store or app section.
Conduct a search for "Vudu" within the provided search feature.
Identify the Vudu app in the search results and select it.
Proceed to download and install the application.
Once installed, launch the Vudu app and log in or create an account to access the content library.
Streaming Devices (Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, etc.):

On your streaming device, access the corresponding app store (e.g., Roku Channel Store, Amazon Appstore, Apple App Store).
Utilize the search functionality to locate "Vudu."
Select the Vudu app from the search results.
Download and install the application onto your streaming device.
Launch the Vudu app, sign in, or create an account to commence usage.
Gaming Consoles (PlayStation, Xbox):

Navigate to the relevant app store on your gaming console (e.g., PlayStation Store for PS, Microsoft Store for Xbox).
Utilize the search feature to find the Vudu app.
Proceed to download and install the Vudu app onto your gaming console.
Launch the Vudu app, sign in, or create an account to begin streaming.
Computers (Windows, Mac):

Open a web browser on your computer.
Visit the official Vudu website (
Sign in or create an account if necessary.
Browse or search for your desired movie, TV show, or webtoon.
You can directly stream content through the website without requiring an additional app installation.
These instructions provide a comprehensive overview of the steps involved in installing Vudu on various devices. Please note that the availability of the Vudu app may vary depending on your geographical location and device compatibility.

Edited 13. February 23:17
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13. February 23:16
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