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Discussion: How do flotation tubs differ from traditional bathtubs?

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Aquant Seo
Aquant Seo:16. May 4:39

Flotation tubs from Taps and Tubs are designed to provide a unique experience that differs significantly from traditional bathtubs. Unlike regular tubs, flotation tubs are filled with a high concentration of Epsom salts dissolved in water, creating a dense, buoyant solution that allows users to float effortlessly.

The depth of flotation tubs is typically greater than standard bathtubs, allowing for complete immersion and freedom of movement. The water is heated to skin temperature, creating a sensation of weightlessness and eliminating the need for physical effort to stay afloat. Aquant Surat offers a range of flotation tubs designed to provide an optimal environment for sensory deprivation and relaxation.

Flotation tubs are also designed with features that enhance the user's experience, such as sound-dampening materials, light-blocking capabilities, and specialized filtration systems to maintain water quality. These features create an environment that minimizes external stimuli, promoting a deep state of relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety.

While traditional bathtubs are primarily used for hygiene purposes, flotation tubs from Taps and Tubs are designed as a therapeutic and wellness experience. The unique properties of the dense salt solution, combined with the specialized features of the tubs, create an unparalleled opportunity for physical and mental rejuvenation.

16. May 4:39
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