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Discussion: easypaisa Launches ‘Live easy’ Campaign to Redefine Digital Finance in Pakistan

hellon wood
hellon wood:9/19/2023 17:08

In an ongoing commitment to deliver convenience and reliability to millions of Pakistanis, easypaisa, the leading digital financial services platform in the country, has launched the ‘Live easy’ campaign. This unique campaign aims to showcase the diverse array of applications offered by easypaisa, which simplify everyday life for users and streamline financial matters.

The ‘Live easy’ campaign encourages easypaisa users to embrace a cashless, hassle-free, and relaxed lifestyle while gaining more free time. With over 250+ use cases, including payments, savings, lending, platform services, and more, easypaisa empowers its customers with the gift of time, allowing them to spend it as they please while enjoying financial freedom. With a growing user base of over 12 million active monthly users, easypaisa has truly become the preferred choice of the people.


9/19/2023 17:08
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