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Discussion: coffee shop in New York

Mikkos Lianka
Mikkos Lianka:6. February 13:00

Hi everyone, I recently opened a coffee shop and I'm thinking that I should buy some drink holders or something like that. But I can not decide on the choice and do not know where to order such a thing. I would be grateful for your hints

6. February 13:00
Mentor Pach
Mentor Pach:6. February 13:11

I think you'll find the red beverage napkins from Karat add a bright splash of color to our tables. Not only are they practical, but they also enhance the aesthetics of serving drinks, making each drink a little more special. You can find these eye-catching napkins here:…ins-1000-cs/ . It's a simple yet effective way to add vibrant colors to your establishment.

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6. February 13:11
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