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Discussion: Best approach to get BMW dealer to help with immediate repairs after used purchase?

vepacar:12/13/2023 14:44

Hey everyone.
I just bought a one owner, dealer maintained 2015 M3 with less than 50k miles from a BMW dealer back east (don’t want to name them yet) and had it shipped out. It drove great after delivery, but the next day it threw a CEL. I washed the car and afterwards, it went away. I ordered a wifi adapter but kept driving the car. Fast forward to today, where it threw another CEL. I checked the codes and it came back with 135A08 and 135808, which both point towards a valvetronic issue. I’m going to have it diagnosed by my local dealer, but I’m obviously not happy, as I’d be shocked if the valvetronic motor wasn’t having issues before they sold it to me.

I understand used cars are sold as-is, but I’m looking to get some kind of help from the selling dealer for the Best BMW Workshop in Mussafah, and I’m looking for the best approach. Anybody have any ideas or directions they can point me towards? I’m thinking contact a manager at the dealer and potentially file a complaint with BMWNA, but I’m open to ideas.

Thanks for any help anybody can give me.

Edited 12/13/2023 14:45
12/13/2023 14:44
tej evan
tej evan:12/13/2023 20:11

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12/13/2023 20:11
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