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Discussion: Beneficiary and payer requirements for ads targeting the European Union

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vepacar:14. March 16:39

So i wanted to re start my ads on marketplace for my business .

however, I have encountered this "They removed my card info and required me to select a beneficiary.

what does that mean exactly?

is this so that the government can monitor who is putting ads out? In our country we have to pay a tax on ads so is this put in place for them or?

14. March 16:39
mowej:14. March 16:40

It seems like the platform you're using has implemented a new process regarding payment methods and beneficiaries. Typically, requiring a beneficiary means that the platform wants to ensure that payments made from your account are directed to the correct recipient, especially in cases of refunds or disputes from the European Union Trademark. This is more likely a measure to enhance security and transparency rather than a government-led initiative for tax monitoring. However, it's advisable to check the platform's terms and conditions or contact their support team directly for clarification on why this change has been made and how it affects your tax obligations.

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14. March 16:40
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