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Forum: .NET (C# and Visual Basic)

Global discussion about programming in C# and Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET technology, ASP.NET, MonoGame and related topics.

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programming in C# issues
6 reactions, 25. November, User has ...
625. NovemberUser has ...
How to read barcode scanner and receive it on datagridvie...
1 reactions, 28. October, ahmedsa
128. Octoberahmedsa
Issue with ASCII codes
3 reactions, 7. September, jmillberry
37. Septemberjmillberry
Coloring a textbox with contain the maximum value of a tw...
3 reactions, 11/22/2019, Maria Rymar
311/22/2019Maria Rymar
Using PrintDialog() in Console Application
3 reactions, 7/15/2018, Hares
For loop not working properly
2 reactions, 11/11/2016, Paul Mich...
211/11/2016Paul Mich...
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