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Painting in Console (C#)

I made this program after a few weeks of programming in C#, so don't be surprised by the absence of OOP or some non-standard procedures. I'll definitely get back to the app development, but for now, I want to take a step ahead.

About the program

As the name implies, this is a simple imitation of the Paint program, but in the console environment. The program first asks you for the size of the canvas. After confirmation, you just use the cursor arrow keys to move around the window and draw. You can also change the color by pressing specific key (all ConsoleColor options are listed). The program can also save the created images (in .cmmm format) and load them, or even open them directly (using the "Open with..." option).

I hope someone will at least get a little inspiration or amusement from my creation.


Program was created in 2013.



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