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Lesson 11 - Typecasting and operators

We know from mathematics that multiplication and division take precedence over addition and subtraction. This is quite common and we'd expect it from a programming language as well. Although this assumption seems quite common, it doesn't necessarily apply. It all depends on the definition of the language and how the language is designed. In C++, in addition to the basic arithmetic operations, we have other types of operations - logical, binary, etc. Deliberately guessing whether addition or modulo takes precedence? And how is it with modulo and multiplication? And will the operations be evaluated from the right or from the left?

Priorities of operators

The language defines priorities of operators. The operator with higher priority is evaluated before the operation with lower priority. It should come as no surprise that the multiplication operation has a higher priority than the addition operation. The following table summarizes all operations and their priority (a lower number indicates a higher priority). You won't know some operators yet, it doesn't matter, they'll be discussed in the OOP lesson.


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In this article I will discuss the problem of operator priority and conversions between individual types.

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