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Lesson 6 - Advanced memory operations in C++

From previous lessons, we're able to dynamically allocate memory and work with it at least on a basic level. In today's part, we'll take a closer look at some of the functions that the standard library offers us, and we'll also look at pointers once again.

Chaining pointers

So far, we've only worked with simple pointers. We simply allocated a block of memory and took it as an array. But what to do if we want to have an array of arrays for example? Without dynamic allocation, the procedure would be simple:

int multidimensional_array[25][25];

With dynamic allocation, however, it won't be so easy. First, let's look at the chaining of pointers. We know that the pointer points to a place in memory. What can be stored in such a place? Practically anything - including another pointer. Let's look at a smaller example.


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In this tutorial, we'll look at other standard functions that C++ provides for working with memory. We'll also expand our knowledge of pointers.

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